End-to-End Examples

End-to-End Examples #

This section of the documentation provides end-to-end examples using Ensign to help get you started!

  • Ensign for Application Developers: In this end-to-end example, see how to curate a custom Twitter feed using Ensign. Create a publisher to start emitting tweets to a topic stream in just a few minutes! See how to create one or more asynchronous subscribers that can read off the stream and process the data as needed.

  • Ensign for Data Engineers: This end-to-end example demonstrates how to retrieve and save weather data using Ensign and Watermill. Create a publisher to call the Weather API and emit the data to a topic stream and use Watermill’s router and SQL Pub/Sub to save the data into a PostgreSQL database.

  • Ensign for Data Scientists: What does event-driven data science look like? In this example, see how to create an Ensign subscriber to Baleen, a live RSS ingestion engine, and use the incoming data to perform streaming HTML parsing, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis.